Our Director of Scientific Research speaks about ingredients and safety testing

Our Director of Scientific Research speaks about ingredients and safety testing

Dear Customers,

You may be aware of the recent media stories regarding consumers suffering acute respiratory illness in the US and Canada which have been linked to the possible use of certain vaping devices.

As the world’s second largest vapour company, providing high quality products to more than 9 million consumers worldwide, we take consumer safety very seriously.

Quality and safety testing are a crucial part of the way we develop and manufacture our products and we have a team of over 50 toxicologists around the world who are responsible for scrutinising the ingredients in these products. You can see more information about the work our toxicologists do at our BAT Science website.

We are fully supportive of the efforts of the various government agencies in the US, Canada and around the world who are working to understand the exact cause of the recent tragic consumer cases. To the best of our knowledge, we are not aware of any Vype product being linked to these recent cases and we can confirm that no Vype product contains, or has ever contained, either THC oils or Vitamin E Acetate.

We remain of the view that our Vype liquids are high quality, that our Vype products offer consumers a potentially reduced risk alternative to smoking and we advise our consumers to use them in line with the intended use and do not tamper with the product in anyway.

We hope you will continue to enjoy your Vype experience.

Dr David O’Reilly

Director Scientific Research

British American Tobacco

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